My Services


Prenatal preparation

Let's talk, pre-baby! We can discuss things you might need -- and things you probably don't need! -- in order to breastfeed. We can also talk about ways to prepare the spaces in your home for breastfeeding, so that it is as comfortable as it can be since you'll be doing so much of it. We can discuss your plan for returning to work, and how to continue to offer breastmilk to your baby during that transition. Advice to partners for supporting the breastfeeding parent is also provided -- trust me, there are lots of jobs for everyone when a new baby is on the scene! 



post-delivery visits

I meet you in your home, at any point after the baby's delivery. Our first visit is likely to be our lengthiest, even if we have met prenatally. I'll listen to find out what's been happening, what's working, and what's still challenging. 

Many insurance companies will cover up to 6 visits by a lactation specialist in the first year, so if this is the case -- and multiple visits to you and your baby are warranted -- we will make that happen.  

I am also happy to provide your pediatrician with a detailed report of our work together so that he or she will be aware of our plan and progress. 





"Finding out that you require surgery when you have a 2 month old and a 2 year old at home is incredibly stressful and I felt that Summer was able to provide the emotional and moral support that I needed during a very difficult time.  She was gentle in her approach and was sensitive to my concerns.  She 'heard' me and did what she could to support me through the surgery and even touched base a couple of days afterwards to ensure things were going well and to offer her continued support if necessary.  Thank you so much, Summer for all you did to help put me at ease and still feel in control of my ability to breastfeed my son through a very stressful experience.  I will be forever grateful."